After lockdown, Slow Shopping can support your community and your shops – here’s how

COVID-19 and the consequent lockdown has had a significant impact on the way we shop, who goes shopping and what we buy.

Some people have been sheltering for a long time or may have only rarely left home to go out. Many people during this time have lost some of their mobility function and fitness resulting in a loss of confidence. This can affect people physically and psychologically. Establishing Slow Shopping times in your store can be a way of signaling to these customers that your organisation has taken particular care to make the environment as safe as possible.

Slow Shopping has always advocated a time in the week when there is a definite plan to support those who live with a visible or invisible disability, including those who feel anxious about going out shopping.

Planning for Slow Shopping times includes everyone in the whole store, museum or organisation. It involves reviewing all the customer-facing experiences so that the organisational intelligence can be tapped and ideas shared. You can plan what is possible for your customers.

The planning process ensures that the customer experience is enhanced. This is even more important for people who may be very anxious about COVID-19. Slow Shopping is a time in which organisations can respond by being very explicit about the safety measures that they are offering to their customers and visitors.

Two persons holding a placard with "PANDEMIC #COVID19"

Consider offering Slow Shopping to your customers for at least 2 hours per week. Many of the stores we have worked with find that a weekday afternoon is a good time for Slow Shopping. Offering this service regularly means that your team of staff and your customers know when it is happening, there is a commitment and a plan. This makes it easier for staff training and communication.

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Slow Shopping is a registered charity.

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