Time, compassion and service so you can take your time to shop

Slow Shopping® is for anyone with visible, invisible or intellectual disabilities who may find shopping stressful or challenging. It provides a safe space and time to think for all who need it as well as their carers and families.

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Slow shopping offers:


This is a safe dedicated shopping session just for you. You have plenty of time.


The whole store team are geared up and have received training so they can take care of you. The environment is friendly and safe. Feel free to ask for help if you need it.


A welcome into the store and an information point for customers who want to use it. There are help points in the store where staff are aware of your needs and can lend a hand. There are chairs around the store, in case you need to take a break.

‘I think it is a marvellous idea and I wish it was in my supermarket’

Mary (Who cares for her father who has dementia)

‘Slow Shopping is brilliant, great, fantastic.
The kind person who founded it thinks about people who can’t shop on their own. It’s nice having someone to care. It makes it a pleasure to come shopping’

Lesley (A customer who uses Slow Shopping)

‘It’s wonderful. We all want to do our own shopping. I appreciate it even if I am only out for an hour, it is an outing’

Doreen (A customer who uses Slow Shopping)

‘If I need anything while I am shopping I know that I can ask’


‘It is really good if people need extra time and support. It is very friendly’


‘The Slow Shopping service given by Katherine and the team at Sainsbury’s in Gosforth is amazing.
I have witnessed several people getting all they help they need ( and deserve to receive). Slow Shopping is an amazing concept and I personally believe it should be nationwide as service users adore the extra time and attention afforded to them during their time in the store’

Chris (A staff member)