How slow shopping works

Slow Shopping® caters to those who need it most of all

Slow Shopping® caters for those who experience anxiety or mental illness, those who struggle with communication or literacy, older people, those with dementia, and all those with visible, invisible or intellectual disabilities.
A young woman accompanying an elderly woman shopping

Who is Slow Shopping® suitable for?

It is aimed at anyone who needs more time and presents a space in which it is safe to take time to think. This might include those who experience anxiety, those with communication or literacy difficulties, older people, those living with dementia as well as those who have more visible disabilities. This is an inclusive project and is not meant to exclude anyone.

Shopping is an essential part of our lives and involves social interaction, health, financial awareness, and being out in the everyday day world. Many carers and friends and families also find shopping very challenging.

What Slow Shopping® offers

Customers are not identified as having additional needs and there are no specialist aisles or separation which can be the source of more stress.

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What organisations does Slow Shopping work with?

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